How To Start A House Flipping Business

Apr 17, 2020 | General Contracting, Remodeling

how to start a house flipping business

A house flipping business is a way for you to work from home, work with your hands, and create a company that is all your own. When you want to start flipping houses, you can use all the tips below to start and grow your company. Do not be afraid to start your company now by investing in just one house. You can expand your business after you know what you are doing, and you can become a full-time house flipper.

Are You Ready To Start Flipping Houses?

If you are ready to start learning about flipping houses, you can follow the steps below. You will learn how to organize your business, how to get the work done, how to find quality partners, and how to make money.

How Do You Flip Houses?

You flip houses by purchasing properties that have significantly dropped in value over time. The house has so little value that you can afford to buy it as an investment, renovate it, and sell it. This is the process that all house flippers use. You simply need to decide how much work you want to do.

In many cases, people who want to know “what is house flipping” want to buy a house that they might live in. You might start looking for a new house, and you will find a place that you would like to live in. You buy the house for a very low price, and you can invest time and energy in the house. You can live comfortably in the house because you have made improvements, but you spent so little on the house that you will get your money back quickly.

When you realize that you can repeat this process over and over to flip houses, you should start looking for more homes in the area that you might like to flip.

Where Do You Find Houses?

You should look in neighborhoods where houses are selling fairly regularly. You do not want to go into a neighborhood where all the homes have no value. You must find a neighborhood that people want to move in to. You can go to different cities or towns in your area that you might want to live in, and you can invest in homes that have potential.

You should choose homes that you might like to live in, and you must decide how much you think you need to spend on the house when you are ready to flip it. Choosing homes depends on the area, the price, and how much work needs to be done. You are trying to:

  • Spend as little money as possible.
  • Spend as little money as possible renovating the house.
  • Renovate the house quickly.
  • Sell the house to someone who wants to live in a nice neighborhood.

How Do You Make Improvements?

When you are ready to make improvements to the home, you should try to make the house look and feel modern. Some homes need a few touchups, but others need quite a lot of work. You simply need to decide how much work you are willing to do at the house. You can rip up the carpets and install hardwood floors. You can replace the appliances, and you can replace the HVAC unit when needed.

You can paint the walls, complete repairs throughout the house, and replace the countertops. You might also replace the toilets and showers, and you could replace the sink in the kitchen. You can replace light fixtures around the house, and you can replace electrical outlets that provide you with the proper amount of voltage.

You may need to repair or replace the deck, and you can revamp the landscaping so that the property looks new. You can paint the exterior of the house if you want, or you can repair/clean brick. You can even pressure wash the driveway and the walkways to make them look brand new.

What Should You Avoid?

When you want to flip houses for a living, you need to be aware of issues that are often too difficult or expensive to deal with. You will have a home inspector take a look at the house when you are ready to buy it, but you should try to avoid any of the following problems. You do not want to spend so much money on a house that you cannot make any money when you sell it.

  • Major roof damage or roof replacements
  • Basements that consistently flood
  • Any house that appears to have major water damage
  • Major slab damage or homes that appear to be slipping off the foundation
  • Any homes that have old piping that is no longer considered suitable for plumbing.
  • Homes with extremely old wiring.
  • Homes without central air or heat
  • Homes with septic tanks

When you avoid these issues, you will save money as you try to flip the house. It can be very difficult for you to get the renovation completed when you need to manage these massive repairs. Plus, you will spend so much money trying to bring the house up to code that you might actually lose money on the project. You should try to save money by investing in homes that do not require much work.

You should also be careful to avoid any homes that have termite damage. You can remove any other pest, but termite damage could cause structural problems around the house that are almost impossible to repair. You are not a professional contractor, and you will pay a contractor a lot of money to bring the house back to livable condition.

How Do You Make Money?

You will make money by purchasing the house for a low price, completing renovations within your budget, and selling the house for more money than you spent. Because you must use this formula to flip houses, you should research all the homes in the area to learn how much houses are selling for. You can easily determine how much the house will sell for, how much you need to spend, and how much money you will make.

You do not make all your money until you sell the house, and you may need to pay back investors if they are involved in your projects.

You Need A Few Partners

You can engage with all the partners listed below if you are starting a house flipping business. You need help from all these people when you want to buy houses, renovate them, and flip them.

  • A closing attorney who will handle all closings for a fair price
  • A home inspector
  • A pest control company that can clear the property of pests
  • A contractor who can complete all the needed repairs
  • A quality plumber who will handle all your plumbing work
  • A quality roofer can replace roofs when needed
  • A quality HVAC company to handle all ducts, furnaces, and condensers.
  • A landscaper who can bring the property back to life.
  • A house painter.
  • A real estate agent who can list the house for you.

You might want to get your real estate license so that you can list the house on your own, or you may have experience in one of the areas listed above. If you have the experience that allows you to do a portion of the renovation, you can hire people to do everything else. You need to know that you can trust your lawyer because that person will handle all your paperwork. That lawyer must be willing to close the moment you are ready, and they must be prepared to handle cash sales. You must also network with investors who can help you expand your business by paying for some of the homes you buy.


When you wonder “what is house flipping”, you should consider all the steps above before you start searching for homes to buy. You might get inspired when you are searching for a home of your own, and you can continue to renovate homes for profit for as long as you want. You can flip houses on the side, or you can turn your house flipping business into a full-fledged real estate agency that allows you to buy homes, renovate them, and list them on your own. You can hire staff to help you, or you can run the business out of your home. You only need to purchase one house and remodel it yourself to get started.

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