Home Office Ideas For 2021

Nov 27, 2020 | Remodeling

Working from home is soon becoming the norm, especially with advancements in technology and high demand for remote work. It is not enough to work on your couch, kitchen countertop, bed, or patio: you need actual office space for maximum productivity.

Setting up a comfortable workstation at home is essential. Consider it an investment that will pay off in collected ideas, inspired insights, and uninterrupted focus on your work.

An efficient home office isn’t just a desk and a chair. A lot of thought has to be put into it; otherwise, you’ll end up with a station that doesn’t make a difference.

Here are five critical angles to consider when laying an efficient home office.

What to Consider When Setting Up A Home Office


Your home office needs to be in a room or space that can be avoided after working hours.
If your office is just another part of the rest of your home, it will be impossible for you to wind down and take meaningful breaks from work. This may lead to stress and fatigue, which, I promise, will not do your work any good.

Find a spot away from TV noise and rid that space of anything that can distract you from your work. Clear boundaries regarding working hours and the rest of your day are essential for keeping you focused.


Whatever size or shape your home office takes, being organized is an integral and essential step towards optimum productivity. Draw up your office’s design and ensure that what you choose helps you keep everything you need within your reach. You cannot concentrate if you need to fetch a book or pen from another room every few minutes.

You can put the items you are sure to use often on a shelf above your desk or a top drawer. Attaining such order in your space also translates to more organized thoughts.


Going cheap may end up affecting the quality of work you get done in your space. As such, you may want to consider investing in a similar station to what you have at work or a better one. You can seek an interior designer or a similar person who can help you choose a design that is stylish and comfortable, and inspiring.


Working from home means that there are plenty of potential distractions from your kids running around to your neighbor’s TV blaring through your walls. Being able to seclude yourself from all that noise and get a few hours of quiet to work must be a priority.

If you have young kids, you can drop them off at a daycare or leave them at a relative’s place so you can have ample time to work uninterrupted.


Choose a room or spot that gets a lot of natural light during the day. A dark room will have your eyes straining to make things out and subsequently affect the quality of your thoughts and ideas.
If you find yourself struggling to read from your books or computer, even in a well-lit room, it may be time to consider reading glasses.

Now that you know the basics, here are some of the best ideas ad styles for your home office.

Cool Home Office Ideas For 2021

Antique Writer’s Desk

Set up your home office next to a window or at a corner, away from the main living space. It can also be a room by itself if you have one to spare. The window will give you a lot of natural light, and you can draw the curtains shut at night for privacy.

The main idea behind this work station is an older desk and chair to create an 80s atmosphere. Spruce it up with a stylish rug, a modern lampstand, a plant or two, and you have a haven for all your work needs.

A Polished Office Space

Take advantage of any extra space in your home to create an open and serene working area. You can integrate the desk area with one wall, creating a countertop with drawers underneath and shelves above the desk. Paint the room in a calm, neutral color, and feel free to incorporate pieces of art that inspire you. You can add a framed family photo on your desk to keep you grounded on what’s important.

DIY Working Desk

Large spare rooms may not be available to everyone, and that should not stop you from creating an office space for yourself at home. Look for a quiet, convenient spot in the house where you can set up shop and get right to it. A comfortable chair to work in is easy to come by, but you do not have to go out of your way to buy a desk. If you do not have one, you can procure someone who can make a good one for you. Even better if you are a handy fellow. Find the right design for you on YouTube or Pinterest and bring that desk to life. You can add style to your workspace using a stylish abstract wallpaper and painting your desk a cool, calming color.

Serene Artist’s Space

An artist requires ample space to work on, and a vast L-shaped desk will give that to you. Station your computer on one end of your desk, and you are left with a long, expansive space for all your tools and toys.

White space is commonly perceived as calming, and it tends to make small spaces appear larger. However, you can paint this space any neutral color you like.

Your desk should be a fun color to add life and style to your office. A DIY shelf above your desk will help you organize and keep your space tidy at all times.

Natural Work Corner

Who said you need a full office to work at home? It is pretty easy to transform a small corner in your home into a stylish and workable station. You can have your desk, and the shelves above it fit perfectly to both ends of the corner to create a more spacious feel to your workstation.

Bring your office space to life with natural wood for your shelves and a plant to make you feel at home.

Since you do not have much space, fit your desk with large filing cabinets, so you do not end up piling papers on your desk and turning it into a work nightmare.

Spandrel Office

How does transforming the space underneath your stairs into an office sound? Most people use this pace as a closet, but most times, it is just left bare. Now that you have thought about it, space is actually enough to fit a small home office.

Set it up with a simple desk and chair but make sure to choose colors and designs that blend with your house’s overall mood. Have some shelves installed on the smaller wall in the spandrel so you can have any resources you might need at hand?

Desk and Moodboard

You do not have to be confined to a desk all day if that is not who you are. A home office is based on the premise that you get the utmost comfort and convenience to work. Some of us can achieve that by sitting at a comfortable while others need a more visual option.

Moodboards are a great way of putting your ideas in order and watching them come to life. You can work on your desk ideas, but when it comes to piecing them together, all you need is your mood board and some thumbtacks.

Place your mood board to the left or right of your desk so you can work on your ideas before putting them up there.

Aesthetic Home Office

Do you find art inspiring? Incorporate art in your home office by adding a gallery to a bare neutral wall. You can use removable wall strips when making your gallery to avoid damaging the wall.

We have established that comfort is paramount in a home office and if that is what a gallery gives you, go for it. You can assemble random pieces from your house or look for affordable stores that have what you like.

Place your desk and chair a few paces from the wall and have your shelves installed on another wall.

This year forced most of us to start working from home, and what started as an absurd idea has turned into a way of life for many. Having the freedom to work from home is an advantage that should not be overlooked. It is way cheaper than renting an office, and you get to choose how to style and design it. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Find an idea that inspires you and bring it to life. Work has never been less complicated.

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